Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Gatherings
Turkey and all of the trimmings!
A distressed cream base with black, gold and cranberry lettering.
A large sign as you can see, done on a lighterweight wood than I usually use
so that it is easier to store when packing up your holiday decor.....

Harvest Moon
The symbol of the autumn season, the crow perched upon the harvest moon!
A black base with a distressed mustard topcoat
and black lettering.
Harvest Sign
Perfect for the entire autumn season.
a distressed brown base and white lettering.
Sale for $10

Pumpkin Pie Sign
A large sign that I keep atop of my kitchen hutch the entire autumn season!
A brown base, distressed pumpkin colored topcoat and white lettering.

Country Harvest Mercantile
A colorful ode to the Autumn Season!
This one is big...measuring 23.5" x 6.25
Perched on a cabinet or hung it sets the tone for cheerful fall decor! Can be left up for the whole autumn season, September through November!

A cute Halloween Gathering sign
Painted in all the cheerful halloween colors.


How cute are these signs?
They bring back memories of excitedly marching from house to house with a group
of sisters and brothers or friends?
These look so cute perched on a bookshelf amongst costumed children figurines atop of black toulle.
$12 each, mention A or B when ordering.
**If you purchase the set of 2 for $20 to save!**



  1. How fun to have found you! I love signs...have many, really don't need more, but could swop them out during the yr! I see a few I am interested in too. : )
    However, I am moving in 3 weeks! Your blog kinda made me sad...I grew up in the country and loved it. I've lived my married yrs 17 of them mostly in the burbs...but kept my country style and comfort in my home. The home we are moving to is sooo not me and seeing your blog reminded me how "country" I truly am. Someday I will have my farm house...until then it will just look, smell and feel like one inside!

  2. Just beautiful. I love your signs and wish I could pull dacor groupings together like this in my home.